Rail & Container Transport

Rail and Container transport of Imported Goods

Shipping Imported containers of goods by rail is efficient, reliable and an environmentally friendly solution. And it is much less susceptible to delays on increasingly congested road networks.

DDU EXPRESS SA offers cargo transportation by railway for imported containers, from most container freight stations to final destination delivery points for unloading. The use of transport by rail for containers simplifies and speeds up loading, unloading, and transport because containers and trailers used are compatible with both road and rail freight, hence called multimodal transport.

This means that there is no need to unload and load at transit points, the container or trailer is simply lifted from train to truck at the destined container freight station as required. For these reasons, railway container transportation from ports of discharge draws a lot of attention as a shipping option due to lower transport costs and less transit delays due to congested road networks and rising fuel prices.

Services Offered
  • Container Freight Stations
  • Loading & Unloading
  • Complete Visibility
  • Transport from most ports 
  • Port to Client Address
  • Multimodal Compatibility
  • In-Depot Logistics  
  • Efficient Bookings
  • Route Planning
Industries Served
  • Consumer Goods
  • Automotive
  • Electronics & Power Supplies
  • Healthcare
  • e-Commerce & Retail
  • Cosumables & Resellers
  • Direct to Consumer Brands
  • Infrastructure Supplies
  • Solar & Renewable Enery 

We give you Complete Control of your shipments with a Vendor Control Tower and ERP.

Our cloud based DDUSA ERP offers the most advanced capabilities to help you streamline all your shipment bookings, vendor control as to Purchase Order’s pending collection and more, with one single end-to-end platform. We Leverage AI, machine learning to automate business processes, to achieve operational excellence, and eliminate manual human errors boosting you towards productivity and growth.

Other Services

• Purchasing Agent & Quality Control
• Customs Brokerage (Export & Import)
• Cargo Insurance (Factory to Door)
• Vendor Purchase Order Management
• Import, Export Permits & Certificates
• Supply Chain Management Solutions
• Quality Assurance
• Quality Inspections & Outer Packaging
• SKU Ticketing and Filfulment
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Package from Johannesburg to Norway.
I sent a box to my daughter for her 21st birthday. From my first enquiry to the time the parcel arrived in Oslo I was blown away by the service I received. The attention to detail was amazing, the parcel was there so quickly and I was kept informed from the time it left my house until my daughter received it. I will definitley be using DDU again. Thank you.

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Excellent service delivery,.. Melanie is absolutely amazing. Always a pleasure using DDU Express.

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